Friday, February 27, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Sneak Peek

MAC Cosmetics- Double Dazzle
U.S Launch Date:April 30th,2009
International Launch Date:May 2009

MAC Cosmetics-Style Warriors
U.S Launch Date: May 28th,2009
International Date: June 2009

MAC Cosmetics- A Rose Romance
U.S Launch Date:April 23rd, 2009
International Launch Date: May 2009

MAC Cosmetics-Sugarsweet

Source: Temptalia


  1. Hey Rae. That's what we're here for! Send us your best jpg, contact details and a blurb about yourself and we'll do a write up.

  2. ahh! all the pictures of makeup make me want to spend all my money on makeup.

  3. Love your blog, I have a quick question: do you know anything about the mac 226 brush? does it comare to the smashbox one?