Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bravo!fact short film

Fortunately i got a chance to do make-up in Bravo!fact
Here are 2 pictures from the scene of
Bravo!fact short film 
'Vaude A Villains'
by director Matt Barnes

Unfortunately,just 2 pictures of the scene, not with the actors lol
P.S i was asked to be one of the extras(i supposed to doing makeup on them) ;P


Sunday, March 8, 2009

just a lil stuff

I will compare Makeup4ever and i.d bare Minerals
theses two foundations have quite good coverage
but i prefer Makeup4ever HD liquid foundation more
coz it's oil free and it's smooth that it's easy to blend, 
this last long and it's still smooth eventhou oil of my 
skin comes out. But for the i.d foundation, it's powder
foundation, thou it looks light but i feel it's quite heavy 
after lotion-primer-this many layers here 
and the powder won't look smooth to go into my skin.

Smashbox primer(green) is smooth, but it feels oily and 
does not cover the redness on the skin.
id bare Vitamins ..i use almost of it and i don't see there
are any better for my skin, just as the same as the normal lotion stuff.
Cover FX primer is almost the same as the Smashbox one, just with
lots of Vitamins in it, it feels better than the Sb one and it's super smooth!

As I have mild acne scarring,i tried to use all the skin care 
products that can get rid of my scars, and finallyyyyyyyy,
I found this's AWESOMEEEE my scars are getting
lighter from days to days....thankssss BIO-OIl!!!!!!!

Here are the whole bunch of MAC lip gloss and the ones
on the first row are full coverage, they can all cover up 
original lip colors. Those on the second row are so so 
for me, i hv to mention that the TOO FACE lip gloss is 
not as says as it will shows different level of reds as the 
temperature changes, wheneveri put on this, it just shows 
one color, but it looks cute thou.

This 88 colors palette from Costal Scents is NICE &CHEAP!
And the colors are so rich!!  But the palette is not
hard enough that i already broke some of the e-s, and 
the black is not as black as the MAC carbon black e-s 

But the MAC carbon black is always the winner in black shadows lol

These three Dior lipstick are kinda dry for my lips and they are matte
Anna Sui 381 is okay for me,but it's too shinny with just a lil bit of pink
Rimmel is smooth and the color is nice with its name "chocaholic"
I love Maybelline the most, though they are lipsticks, they are moiste
 and has the effect of lipgloss

Friday, February 27, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Sneak Peek

MAC Cosmetics- Double Dazzle
U.S Launch Date:April 30th,2009
International Launch Date:May 2009

MAC Cosmetics-Style Warriors
U.S Launch Date: May 28th,2009
International Date: June 2009

MAC Cosmetics- A Rose Romance
U.S Launch Date:April 23rd, 2009
International Launch Date: May 2009

MAC Cosmetics-Sugarsweet

Source: Temptalia

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My make-up work

50's in Black and White

Fashion Look

Nature Beauty


60's Twiggy Eye Look


Makeup i did